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Weeping Mask

Awake, awake, oh weeper, whose

Tears enrage the seas, whose eyes

Disguise the keeper, whose hands are

Red as these; your heart deceives

The masses, deceives even your

Mind, to truth now left unfathomed,

Left rotting by your kind; like tribal

Masks, you wear them, emotions

On your brow, when asked promptly,

“Remove them,” you find you don’t

Know how. You’ve lost yourself within

Them, the cages of your chest, whose

Bars are wrought of iron, beseeching

You unrest. Your mind speaks of

Reality, inexcusable truth, while your

Heart, trained readily, replies in quick

Rebuke. Captive your thoughts,

Guard your heart, a wise man truly

Said, for if the two should come apart,

You’ll find your soul is dead.

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The Hunter’s Gift

Why, bold hunter, do you fear your bow?
Seize now your weapon; surely you know
of its purpose, and yours,
of your weapon and trade,
for unto whom else would it be bestowed?
Not the fisherman, he has his rod;
Not to the knight, who bears his own blade;
Not to the farmer, who ploughs with a hoe;
unto thee, hunter, surely you know
of your tool, of your craft,
yet such fear you show.

T’was either cruelty or foolishness driven,
the man who spoke unto thee,
to speak such potential mistakes unforgiven,
to warn of the dangerous weapon you carry.
But hunter, your master, he teaches you well;
crafting each arrow, your arm he upheld
to peer down the shaft, to aim swift and true,
hunter, dear hunter, what worry befell
to doubt in your master, to throw down your bow?
Remember your master, for him you must know.
Hunter, fear not, your master is wise;
he taught you well, now he’s left you a tool.

So hunter, will you set your failures aside?
Will you carry your trade, will you choose to rise?
Why, bold hunter, do you fear your bow?
Seize now your weapon; surely you know
to follow your master, you must use your bow.

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Snow Leopard

This one was done with charcoal, and watercolour paint for the eyes. IMG_6354

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Watercolour Fox

This is one of my best watercolours, if I do say so myself. Because I work so much in acrylic and pencil, I don’t have the watercolour mentality, which is why I have so many issues with it, but I’m starting to enjoy it again. 480407_10151748884809816_424979812_n

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Belgian Tiger

This is a half-an-hour painting I did, which turned out incredibly well. Why is it that when I try to paint, it turns out so-so, and then when I don’t try, and turns out wonderfully? IMG_0264 - Copy


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